Natalie combines a Clean methodology with photography for well-being

Collaborating with women, photographers and other holistic practitioners, Natalie offers bespoke well-being and photography services for (re)connecting with your authentic image and the creativity of life.

A Clean approach allows you to safely access and embody your intuitive inner world through the power of word, metaphor and symbolism. As a certified Clean coach, Natalie creatively provides facilitation through photo walks, Clean coaching circles and personal consultancy 1:1s, all uniquely celebrated with the camera.


For Women

A practice in menstrual cycle modelling

Clean facilitation for leaders on a feminine path valuing natural and creative rhythms



The best art you can make is life itself

Coaching and spiritual companionship for those choosing to live in a creative way

For Photographers

A peer-to-peer mentoring circle

Clean facilitation for visual changemakers to learn from and encourage one another



Capturing the decisive moment

Photo rituals for those who want to mark and celebrate inner change with visual stories

For Holistic Practitioners

A guide for powerful transformation

Clean facilitation for those caring about creativity and embodiment in well-being



Clean coach and photographer

Combining her passions in coaching and photography, Natalie is Coach with the Camera



I’m very grateful to the many people, practices and places that have supported and challenged me to share my inner world and calling with you. Open vulnerability has not been my strength but persistant resilience through depression has. The many sides of perfectionism and patience have dutifully been my teachers! Natalie, 27 June 2019