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Natalie offers performance and developmental coaching to help you manage your personal and professional projects. Choose this type of coaching if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Want to be kept focused and accountable – make sure you are ‘on task’ and ‘on purpose’
  • Struggle with energy levels at work or ‘office politics’
  • New ways of thinking which bring detailed clarity and resolves issues
  • Are interested in effective and efficient solutions and outcomes
  • You want a safe space to go deeper in your thinking or to look at things afresh
  • You wish to tap into your own intuition and knowledge that lies below the surface
  • You’d like to identify solutions and opportunities that might be part of your blind spots
  • You want to increase your self awareness of your patterns and find organic change
  • You’d like a process to help you look at things from a different angle

This kind of coaching supports you to learn about yourself, try out new behaviours and consider aspects of yourself. It supports you to transition away from thinking and towards the feeling of an experience and develop an understanding of who you are and ‘how you do you’.

What Clients Have To Say

Natalie is a natural coach… I loved how the power was always with me and she didn’t allow me to digress. Because of the goals and steps I took with Natalie, I am now writing my book. I know what I love and am following my heart and have met the right people in my life to get me to where I want to be. A dedicated coach who had my heart at stake.