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Natalie’s coaching gets to the heart of your experience.

Choose Natalie for coaching if any of the following resonate:

  • You are looking to resolve issues you feel go deep
  • You would like to involve creativity in your healing
  • You would like an embodied and ‘less-heady’ approach
  • You are unhappy with previous therapeutic interventions
  • You believe there is a link between creativity, energy and health
  • You want or already have strong or deep awareness of yourself
  • You work in the helping profession yourself as a coach or therapist

Natalie’s coaching is a type of transformative coaching which reveals the underlying meaning of your life by exploring your purpose, values and strengths in relation to the issue you bring. It uncovers and resolves the limiting beliefs, assumptions, expectations that you hold that may be keeping you stuck.

What Clients Have To Say

In her remarkable process Natalie turned a selection of my own photographs into answers to big questions in my life. These were six or seven images she had asked me to bring; images that I felt were important to me in some way. It didn’t matter how. During the session Natalie asked me a sequence of very simple but pertinent questions about what I saw in the photographs. Over the course of an hour this seemed to build the images into a kind of map of where I was and where I needed to go in my life.

A powerful experience I would really encourage anyone to try as it left me with a real and grounded sense of where I need to go in my life.


History of Symbolic Modelling

The symbolic modelling way of working in coaching has been developed by James Lawley and Penny Tompkins leading authorities on the use of self-originated metaphor for personal and professional development. It originates from psychotherapist David Grove. Natalie is trained and certified by Wendy Sullivan at Clean Change Company amongst others in the Clean community.