Receive 6 sessions of Clean Coaching in return for giving the same.

The second Clean co-coaching circle starts 27 September after a successful pilot with partner ReciproCoach.

Register your interest using coupon code CLEANCOACHING in order to:

  • Receive 6x 1 hour sessions of personal development from another Clean facilitator
  • Develop a circle of Clean facilitators from various Clean training organisations
  • Expand your experience and grow in confidence with the suite of Clean techniques
  • Build your paid coaching hours log
  • Become a part of the wider ReciproCoach community

Feedback from other coaches

A really easy way to meet other like-minded coaches and to get a space to get matched with people who are at a similar level of expertise. The website makes it easy to manage sessions and get communication rolling.

As an experienced coach, I enjoyed being coached by a newer coach in the Clean methodology and found the safe space to practice in very useful.

I found the whole process easy from start to finish and gained valuable experience and insights.

My Clean Coach was one of the best coaches I’ve worked with.

Register now

To register for the Clean Coaching round, you are asked to use Clean techniques ONLY i.e. Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling, Emergent Knowledge. You will typically be matched with coaches who have a similar level of experience. There are six sessions lasting 1h to be completed over 3 months. Cost £45.