Every Picture Tells A Story

Over the years I’ve collected many photo books and have recycled them for use in mindful photo collaging. The images have been carefully sorted into themes: friendship, landscapes, colours so that they are ready and easy to use.

Collaging photos – those of your own or made by others – is a mindful activity that creates connection with both yourself and the others in the room you share the activity with. As the images are chosen and played with they evoke memories and desires, helping us to speak or get in touch with our feelings. The images and stories can be repurposed, cut up, sorted, organised, placed and with that a new picture recreated.

An ideal and often therapeutic activity for:

  • Vision boarding – what would you like to have happen?
  • Reflection aid – what has happened so far?
  • Goal setting – what needs to happen next?
  • Connecting dots – how does the relationship of the photos create meaning?
  • Identifying blocks – getting to know your inner self talk around creating

Photo collaging is a naturally mindful activity bringing about the same benefits as meditation – concentration, focus, absorption and calm. And at the end of the session you have a visual representation of your meditation to take home with you.

What Happens During the Workshop?

  • Introductions and outline of the process
  • A 10 minute guided meditation
  • After this, each person is invited to set an intention for the session
  • Each person will work silently in the group, mindfully experiencing the process of creating
  • Questions will be asked to support you bringing moment by moment awareness to what is happening with your mind
  • The session ends with circle time where everyone has an equal amount of time to use in anyway they want