Thank you so much for facilitating this experience. I’ve just opened the email with the pictures and they have made my day! The session was a journey of self exploration – really eye opening and touching. It is really wonderful to look over the photos and I look forward to sharing them and what I now know about myself with my partner this weekend.

Navigate Jenny’s coaching session by clicking on an image:

  • Starting the Story
    Coaching begins by choosing which image to start with from a pre-selection. Deciding how each image fits with the others can take time and be a small challenge or a lot of fun.
  • Narrating
    Photos are added as and when with the telling of the story prompted by Clean questions where necessary. The unfolding of the session can be recorded by audio or camera if needs be.
  • Facing the Truth
    Some images elicit more of a story than others. Natalie intuits when to ask more or less questions to aid voicing and being witnessed in your truth.
  • Making Sense
    As more images are picked out the ones already placed can be moved allowing for necessary actions such as resorting, making space or discarding of the ones that no longer fit.
  • Sitting Alongside
  • Flowing
  • Making Decisions
  • Fitting Together
  • Felt Sense
  • Bigger Picture
  • Photo Board
  • Integrating