2018 – Green Flags are Go

What makes you unique? What are your unique qualities?

This photo exhibition was inspired by some Buddhist wisdom after an encounter in August 2018 where my sensitivity and emotions were deemed unsuitable by another person! As I confided in a friend, she wisely asked ‘what would it be like if we were to look for the green flags in one another?’.

Honouring Oneself

With various creative forces happening all at once, I took my bike and iPhone out around the local park where I was currently living. It felt important to transform this experience to make sure I was honouring my own sensitive and creative self.


Cassiobury Park, like an arboretum, was the highlight of this stay in Watford and I very much enjoyed capturing and stitching together 29 images of unique trees using the powerful mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and my name.

In between the sun and showers I hung out the prayer flags in the Peace Garden of the park to make a photo card. This I then printed with the quote that inspired me (see below) into a photo message that I could share with others.

Prayer Flag Leaves

The actual exhibition was hung in Cassiobury Park where the photos were taken.

The Peace Garden

Produced the photo flyer by hanging the flags in the Watford Peace Garden.

Wisdom Photos

The photos were given out at a local district SGI meeting in Watford.

Just as cherry, plum, peach and damson blossoms all possess their own unique qualities, each person is unique. We cannot become someone else. The important thing is that we live true to ourselves and cause the great flower of our lives to blossom.

- President Ikeda - www.ikedaquotes.org

What Happens Next?

This exhibition is part of a collection of photography for individual and social change.

The images are available to hire and co-create with – in print or electronic form – for people and spaces that wish to encourage reflection and contemplation on the enquiry ‘Understanding and celebrating uniqueness’. A workshop to expand upon and explore this theme using coaching and photography and other forms of creativity can accompany them.

Please get in contact for collaboration opportunities.