Becoming Alive

My approach to coaching – the Becoming Alive coaching model – is based on my own journey and experiences. It’s what I need to continually practice for myself and it is what I am able to offer to you as your coach.

  • It’s continual spirals of awareness: attention and more attention
  • It’s self-modelling
  • It’s becoming who you were born to be
  • It’s coming home to yourself
  • It’s falling awake

Whatever term/cliché you choose, for me it’s service of the highest order and I feel privileged.

History or rather Her-story

The Becoming Alive model I developed in 2016 when various trainings and inspirations came together for me. My business was then known as Inner Coaching and it has since evolved into its new name – Coach with the Camera – because as part of my own integration it turns out I couldn’t ditch the photography! Why I thought I wanted to when it brings me such joy is a mystery!

Here’s my back story with photography and social entrepreneurship and how that led me to becoming a coach.

It has taken another couple of years, in which I’ve finally found my tribe and become a remote worker, for the business side to be fully realised. The coaching model will continue to evolve as I do and I look forward to adding more elements as life unfolds.