Natalie’s’ unique coaching style comes out of the Clean, creative and contemplative philosophies that I practice. As your coach, I keep my stuff out of yours knowing that your system and your values will guide you. And if you don’t yet know what your values are, they will come out during the coaching session. Put simply, it’s your life, so you choose how to create it.

Natalie’s coaching style is:


Coaching is conducted using your words, your space, your outcomes and your preferences, with as little interference from me as possible.


Upon your creation, a coaching session could include photographs, drawings, objects and walks all to help get the conversation started.


Coaching can be started, ended or interspered with periods of silence for reflective and kind thought or as a breathing space for keeping ourselves mindfully embodied.


Progress is often a commitment to practice and putting good habits in place. This can create the upward spirals of positive change.