Change is based on reflection: noticing what is going on

By paying exquiste attention change happens from the inside out. This makes behaviour change more effortless and forming new habits is self-driven and more natural. It means the changes you make are longer lasting as you come home to yourself.

Over the years I have been guided by:


Noticings of the eye


Inner and outer images and stories

Creative Journalling

What’s appearing on the page/phone


Light and dark energy moving through

Natural Rhythm

Unfolding of each day and cycle

Body & Breath

Body listening and conscious breathing


Words and metaphors linked to thinking


Inner knowing that presents itself


Opening experiences offered by the world

Reflection is with a mirror: noticing creates outer happening

As well as the above systems giving you a mirror to yourself, a coach/facilitator can further support you especially when it comes to your blind spots: reflecting back observations that you might not notice yourself.

You cannot really know what today or tomorrow holds for you. Instead of continuously trying to figure out what will happen, which can blind you to what’s actually going on around you, give more attention to your experience as it occurs.

- The Mindful Daily Bell -