When chatting with my mentor Tamsin Hartley at Listening Space about teaching Clean, she shared what Clean is about for her.

What is Clean Language?

Clean Language is a magical way of exploring that uses simple questions to:

  • check out and remove assumptions
  • expand on content to avoid misunderstanding
  • keep suggestions and interpretations out of the way

Just a few Clean questions can have an impact because they are respectful to a person’s experience. They facilitate people to:

  • reflect deeply on their thinking
  • find their own solutions without an outsider ‘fixing’
  • have their own experience whether they like their experience or not

What I felt was key to Tamsin with Clean is curiosity and holding space so a person can explore. In being curious about a person’s experience their mental model is honoured and out of that change can happen.

Clean is also about metaphor – it can also be used to enquire about metaphorical expression. Tamsin’s got some great examples of using Clean and metaphor on her site, so go and check them out!