To commemorate International Women’s Day, I’d like to celebrate my current coach Louise Hockaday.

Louise is a very talented Clean Language facilitator amongst other roles. I love working with her because of her humour, expertise and respect that she shows to the many coaching and counselling techniques that she practices, not least my favourite – Clean Language.

Recently during a coaching call, Louise shared Amy Cuddy’s TED talk with me.

In it Amy talks about the dreadful term ‘fake it til you make it’. As a believer in authenticity and someone who answers the ‘how are you?’ question with a real answer (often sending people flying!) I’ve always hated this term. So I listened to the talk relunctantly… but… I was pleased to hear Amy mention that it’s about practicing these techniques – power poses – until you become the person.

I thought that was a nice reframing. Thanks Amy! Thanks Louise!

Watch from 10m 30s to learn this 2 minute power pose intervention:

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